A professional career in a constant-growing industry

Food & Wine Operations Management

Practical training in a constant-growing industry

A first-class development path aimed at creating and training professionals capable of working in the food and wine sector at national and international level.

Our Food & Wine Operations Management Master is designed for people willing to start a professional career in Food & Wine and for professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs that wish to further grow in this industry.

In a country like Italy where food and wine excellences are supported by its unique natural and touristic heritage, Food and Wine industry registers every year a significant growth in relation to employment and GDP.

Career opportunities

Food Area

Sommelier, Marketing Specialist, Production Specialist in wineries

Wine & Beverage Area

Restaurant Manager, Marketing Specialist and Food Company Consultant

HoReCa and Large-scale Distribution Area

Head of Department

Management Area

Food and Wine Touristic Guide, Event organiser

A successful training for your success

The Master includes 4 macro areas (Management – Agriculture and Food – Food – Wine), a project work, laboratories, practical exercises and a 3-month-long internship.

The teaching staff include managers, chefs, sommeliers, business professionals of the food and wine sector.

The training also includes guided tours to first-class companies in the industry.

Study Plan

The teaching method of the Hotel Business School by Forte Village focuses on transferring knowledge, skills and experience using a practical approach, with tutorials, laboratories, guided tours and testimonials.

Food&Wine operations

Study Programme: Agriculture and Food Industry
  • Food Science
  • Agriculture and Food production technologies
  • Food raw materials: from vegetables to meat
  • Legislation and health procedures in agriculture and food
  • Food transformation and storage techniques
Study Programme: Food
  • Pasta: fresh and dry pasta, doughs, kneading, fillings, cooking techniques
  • Vegetables: characteristics, types, cleasing, cooking, introduction to vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • Cured meats and cheese: characteristics, types, processing, names
  • Fish and crustaceans: characteristics, types, cleaning and cooking techniques
  • Meat: characteristics, types, trimmings, aging and cooking
  • Pastry: characteristics, types, doughs, decorations, cooking techniques, typical desserts
  • Banqueting: raw materials, types of service, logistics and mise en place
  • Menu design
Study Programme: Wine
  • Wine: Vine growing, oenology, wine tasting techniques, industry legislation, sommelier role and duty
  • Wine: Italian regional wines, French wines, wines from the rest of the world
  • Wine: wine-food pairing, wine lists
  • Beers: production techniques, types, tasting, pairing
  • Spirits: types, raw materials, processing techniques, pairing, service
  • Mixology: techniques, raw materials, types, service

Food&Wine management

Study Programme: Management
  • Team Building and HR management
  • Agriculture/food and wine/food supply chain
  • Marketing and Social and web communication
  • Economics and Company organisation
  • Trade Marketing and Foreign markets in F&B
  • Food cost and Beverage cost
  • Suppliers and Supply chain management
  • Brand management
  • Sales management in agriculture and food

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