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Sardinian sea praised by the pen of famous writers, from Lawrence to Balzac

Elected for more than 20 consecutive years “World Leading Resort”, Forte Village speaks of excellence and exclusive services in Hospitality at its highest level.

The possibility of an internship at Forte Village Resort, Palazzo Doglio, Palazzo Fiuggi or other 5-start hotels in Italy or abroad, gives the student a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be immediately used in the industry.

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Hospitality & Traditions

Known and loved since the beginning of civilization, the island of Sardinia has always been the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, destination for merchants and explorers alike.

A multicultural place, cradle of peoples and a melting pot of different cultures, thoughts, religions and languages.

A modern Babylonia for new experiences that enrich body and soul.

A land with ancient traditions going back to the dawn of time, Sardinia always offers extraordinary emotions to visitors: immaculate natural views and spectacular traditions enriched by the beautiful typical dresses of each village and town.

Numerous former students report how they fell in love with the place, in addition to the excellent training received from the school. It is invaluable, for tomorrow’s managers, to be able to develop expertise and competencies in an exclusive location for its beauty and excellence.

Blue as the sea

Sardinian sea praised by the pen of famous writers, from Lawrence to Balzac

Chosen as the setting of successful Italian movies, such as “Swept Away” and “L’uomo che comprò la Luna”, the island is one of the focal points that attracts every year different types of tourists, willing to discover a crystal clear sea and sandy white beaches, here in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

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